What our clients have said

I would highly recommend Scott Ellis with Ellis Dental Repairs. He is prompt, professional and seems to be able to fix any problem, challenges seem to be no problem for him. He is very accommodating and is very sensitive to the needs of a busy practice, he works tirelessly until any issue is resolved and running smoothly. I am especially impressed with the way he leaves the area he worked on cleaner than when he came in. I have been practicing over 35 years and Scott is definitely the best overall technician we have had in our business! I highly recommend him and his team!

Gerald Bittner DDSSan Jose, CA

I am writing to recommend a master tradesman Scott Ellis for any Dental office that is looking for a reliable, prompt, and loyal service and equipment repair person for their practice. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Scott during his time as my service representative at Patterson, Inc. for the past twelve years. His tremendous abilities and can do attitude never ceased to amaze me. I was Scott’s direct contact here at Advanced Dentistry, and during that time, we worked together closely, so I fully understand his capabilities.

Scott’s incredible adaptability with the staff and doctors has let him excel far beyond his competitors. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics if the issue or issues in your practice changes last minute. Scott’s great connection to our business needs and relentless perseverance to always make the customer happy allowed him to become the number one service and repairman at our company for twelve years in a row.

Scott is able to work effectively with other co-workers, making him a great addition to the team. I have enjoyed watching the way he has grown and excelled into his new venture, Ellis Dental.

With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Scott will make a great addition to your practice as your “go to guy”. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased with all his work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Terry NemoffDDSAdvanced DentistrySan Francisco, CA

I have known Scott for over 5 years now and he has been my company for technical support and equipment sales across all my offices in the Bay Area. Having a partner like Scott is mission critical to any dentist looking to run a successful practice. Customer service oriented, he is level headed and resourceful but more importantly, responsive when we need him. Too rare a trait among companies who provide office support.

As we open more practices in the future, Scott will be there to make sure that we are fully operational in an efficient and cost effective manner. For that we are all very grateful.

Jaime AguinaldoDDSSage Dental GroupSan Francisco, CA

We have been working with Scott for many years. He is the best repair technician we had during our 18 years in business. He is very knowledgeable. He knows the problem soon after the inspection. The quality of his repairs is outstanding. Recently, during holiday weekend on Saturday we had serious equipment emergency in our office. We called Scott. It was his day off, but he cancelled all his plans and arrived in our office in an hour. It took 10 min for him to diagnose the problem and fix it. We highly recommend him to everyone! Thank you Scott!

Yuly VildermanDDSMetro Dental GroupSan Francisco, CA

Scott is a master! Prompt, reliable, courteous. Scott has been our service tech in excess of ten years. We would gladly recommend Scott to any dental office in need.

Jennifer CreelmanDDSCreelman FarmerSan Francisco, CA

Scott is a great technician and responds promptly to our service needs. We have been working with him for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and dependable. We would recommend him to anyone that needs a great technician.

Jing-Jing QianDDSJing-Jing Qian DDS Inc.Foster City, CA

Reliable, knowledgeable, and fast!!! Our office has been working with Scott for the past 20 years. He knows all types of equipment and how to fix it so you save time and money. In emergency situations where something big breaks down he shows up quick and takes care of the problem. Highly recommended.

Ray Caoili DDSCaoili Dental CorporationSan Francisco, CA